Packing UP and Counting DOWN
We're packing up and counting down the days 'til we move. We close on Thursday this week. We cannot believe it's already read more please visit my Journey blog.

Updates and Tears
It's been a really hard two weeks since I last posted here. We've had a lot of issues with our repair report on our current home. Lots of expenses and trying to come to an agreement about what we could afford to fix since we are limited in our funds.

This week our precious dog died. I shared about our loss on my other blog. Please click here to read more about her and how we're doing.

We heard back from our buyers today and they have graciously agreed to all of our repairs. I think there had been some break down in communications and God filled in the gaps this morning. I am thanking Him deeply today for bringing a sense of closure to what has felt very uncertain the past two weeks.

He is really stretching me/us and preparing our family for many new beginnings. It's been very hard but I am learning to trust Him in deeper ways than I was before. Ugggh, why does it have to be so hard sometimes.

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