Working on our Dossier
This weekend we pulled out all of the paperwork for our dossier and divided it into piles. One pile included several forms, certificates and statements we need to take to the bank to have notarized. Another pile was for letters I need to type up and send to people to sign and have notarized, like reference letters, employer letters, etc. Another pile was for the harder things like a letter to the Secretary of State, getting a letter of clearance from the local police department on letterhead and notarized stating that we have no criminal records, and medical clearance letters for both us. We also need to get 8 passport photos for each of us.

So, this week we are really trying to get all of this done. Please pray for the hardest things in that last pile. We really need God to go before us and show us what steps to take to help things happen quickly. We want to get all of this done by July 15th so we can get it to Ethiopia before the courts close in August but that may be hopeful (even unrealistic) thinking. But with God all things are possible! And if it has to wait, we will trust God's timing to be perfect!

Thanks for praying and cheering us on!

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