Village People
We've been on vacation in The Villages!

I ran out of time to blog the big news before we left and we had limited internet so now I get to tell you all about it with a few photos.

Last Saturday we drove eight hours south to central Florida to see JJ's parents who live in "The Villages" in Lady Lake. It's beautiful, relaxing and there are tons of fun things to do!

We were "village people" for a few days and it was quite the life of leisure! We played miniature golf while JJ took Joshua to the driving range for his first time.

Andrew and I got a hole in one! That's us posing on the green.

Grandpa also taught us all how to play pickle ball ( a combo of tennis, whiffle ball and table tennis) in the rain!

Grandma set up Dominoes on the dining room table so we could play it whenever we wanted to. Our favorite game is Mexican Train and Josh proved to be the champion by winning every time!

Village people live in a golf-cart community so we drove golf carts everywhere. JJ's parents even rented a four-seater just for us. It's one of the boys favorite things about where grandma and grandpa live.

This is Grandpa Swope's newest pride and joy, and it's electric!

On Sunday JJ and I slept late, went for a morning run, and then went to church at noon with everyone. We all ate lunch out and then we went home. After which, I read a book ALL DAY! I had checked out James Patterson's newest novel "Sundays at Tiffany's" from the library last week. It's a sweet love story and I read the whole thing in a day. Now that has never happened before, but I'm hoping it can become my new pastime :-).

JJ played table tennis with his dad on Monday and then we all went out for lunch and ice cream. They played golf with his dad friends on Tuesday while the boys played bocchi ball and bocchi golf with grandma and I took a nap after watching two episodes of "What Not to Wear" - another something I never get to do. What a treat!

Every night we gathered in the family/tv room to watch the Olympics for hours and then went to bed oh so late!

We left the Villages yesterday and drove home all day. Let me tell ya, it was hard to leave! The livin' is easy down there.

Well, one of us got to enjoy it a little longer. Joshua is still there for a few days all by himself ( a first for him), with his grandparents. They are driving him back home on Saturday.

We're not really ready yet for real life with the stress and strains of having a schedule, homework and projects for all of us at work and school, so we've decided to take a spontaneous beach trip this weekend just the four of us. It will be our last summer vacation as a foursome since we plan to add more kiddos by next summer!

We're going to meet Joshua and the grands halfway between here and there (in SC) and stay through next Weds on Hilton Head Island. I can't wait to stretch summer out just a little more before school and speaking season starts in just a little over a week. I'm going to wiggle my toes in the sand, listen to the ocean breeze and maybe lose myself in another book! I'll keep you posted.

I hope you are enjoying your last days of summer - stretchin' them out as long as you can!!!


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