It's in Ethiopia
We heard from our agency that our dossier is in Ethiopia and it's in the process of being translated. It will then go through the court system. They are closed still but I think they open October 1. Our agency director will be traveling to Ethiopia in October to meet and vdieo interview more of the new children who are waiting.

Many of the children we felt drawn to were already placed with families by the time we completed our dossier and could request more information on them. There are a few girls that are 10 years old that we were interested in but they are out of the original age range we had put in our home study. We'd have to do an addendum to get that changed - which we may do eventually - but for now we feel like God wants us to wait. Many times they are actually older than they papers say so we could end up completely bumping Andrew to the youngest again and we don't have peace about that at this point.

We know it's all in God's hands and He already knows who will be our daughter. For now we wait and trust His plans and His timing.

We'll keep you posted! Thanks for your prayers.


Blogger Joyful said...

Renee, I hadn't heard anything re: your adoption in a little while, but I've been praying about it. Glad things are moving along well. Continuing to pray that the Lord will give you direction. So exciting!!!! I know He already has chosen the little girl(s) for your sweet family.

Love & prayers,

Anonymous Joanie said...

So glad to read this post. I have been praying and wondering where your adoption process stood. I think that you are doing the right thing by standing by your original thoughts on the age of the girl(s) that you want to adopt. I know from experience how the emotions of the journey tug at your heart, but I know that God has already hand-picked the child(ren) for you and He will work it all out for you in His perfect time.

Hang in there!

Anonymous Michelle said...

Hi Renee - My name is Michelle and I saw Lysa TerKeurst at a conference in Willmar last night.  She mentioned to a friend of mine that you were adopting from Ethiopia.  So I just had to pop over your blog. We just got our referral from Ethiopia for a little girl.  Her name is Tseganesh and her name means "You are God's grace to us".  She is six months old and is only 9 pounds.  So we can't wait to get this peanut home.  God has been so good to us through this journey.  I also just wanted to tell you that Proverbs 31 ministries has been such a blessing in this journey.  It started with a devotion by Lysa (who I am sure I am her biggest fan in MN) and so many other authors.  It seemed that God paused in moments of heartache and sent me devotionals that I needed along this long journey to encourage me and my husband. It is such a wonderful ministry that touches individual lives.  Good luck on your adoption adventure - God has blessed ours more than we could have ever imagined. 

Blogger Amy Jo said...

Congratulations, Swope Family!!! We've been in your place before and know how exciting it is to have that first major step behind you. We brought home our daugther from China 2 years ago.

I pray that God gives you peace as you settle into the wait.

In case you haven't crossed paths with my sweet friend Joy, yet, I thought I would pass on her blog:

Joy and Cole have 4 birth children, brought home Samuel from China (and inspired us to adopt a cleft child with a heart defect from China as well.) They then adopted Zoe and Emme from Ethiopia. She's an amazing woman and both of their adoption journies are linked to their blog. If you're like the rest of us, you're already hooked on reading stories and soaking up as much as you can.

Praying for you in the wait!
Amy in OR

Blogger Kimberly said...

I was just over at Lysa's and had to come by your blog. Then as I read your personal info on your other blog I saw that you love Isaiah 61:1-3. To say it is one of my favorite passages would be an understatement. I love how God used those verses to encourage you to minister His love to others. So now here I am snooping around :) your family blog.

And with your love of coffee you mentioned, your name of your family blog is terrific! It took me a moment to notice it is HeBrews, not just Hebrews. :)

So I figured I might as well leave you a note with all of this looking around. :)
Your heart for the Lord and for sharing His love has blessed me today. May you be refreshed as you refresh others. And may God bless you as you are going through the adoption process!

Oh, and so nice to "meet" you. :)

Blogger gunningfam05 said...

I met you at the Womens Retreat at Camp Berea in NH the weekend of Sept 26th (Sat night).
You shared with us all that you were startng the adoption process in Africa for a little girl or girls.
I wanted to check in to see where things are at this point and if you know anything yet??
Praying for you.

I would love to reconnect with you.


Blogger Tiffany Stuart said...

How wonderful to learn you are making room in your heart for a sweet girl!

Blogger Jill said...


Congrats on having your dossier in Ethiopia!

Praying as you go through the next phase of being matched to the child God has planned for your family!

In a few weeks our son will be coming home from Ethiopia!

We are thrilled and can't wait to embrace him!


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