Adoption Training & Summer Fun
We watched the last DVD and completed our adoption training this week!! I thought we had 4 more sessions but it ended up being only one. Thank goodness! We actually had to watch the DVD two times and then review the main points to "get" all of the information. It was about attachment, bonding, non-traditional discipline and up close parenting, etc. My brain is still mush from She Speaks so it took a lot of effort to absorb it and prepare for the test we had to take online as well.

But we passed!!! Yeah!! Now we take the next step - finish our dossier. We've got to figure out who is getting which documents notarized and then schedule to have more passport photos taken. We need 6 each. Not sure why but we do. Our goal is to get all of this done and mailed before mid-July in hopes that we can apply for our girls before the courts in Ethiopia close for the summer. Please pray we'd be very timely in our assignments.

This weekend we're going to relax and enjoy some fun with our two boys. Joshua and Andrew have invited friends over for the day. We're getting ready to cook-out hamburgers and then take all five of them to play laster tag. Then we'll come back for dessert and a game of capture the flag before crashing in front of the tv for a movie. Their friends are also spending the night and then going to shoot paint ball with our youth group in the morning. I am making up for all lost summer "adventures" that we haven't done since school was out due to all that was going on pre-She Speaks.

I love being a mom and seeing how much I can win all these boys' hearts with food and fun. You should have heard them grunt and grin when I got back from the store and filled the fridge and freezer with French fries, hamburgers, ice cream, Gatorade, cookies, chocolate milk and cinnamon rolls.

Welcome summer - I'm so glad you are here!!!!


Blogger Bonita said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! As my kids have gotten older I really enjoy having a house full of their friends even if they do eat us out of house and home! Hope you really get to enjoy some great family times with your boys this summer before your family expands.

Blogger Angie said...

My goodness Renee---what an absolute treasure! Adoption! I say this because we have experienced that incredible joy in our family. My sister, Wanda and her husband Mark adopted a baby 5 years ago. A miracle of miracles---Wanda has left this life for her eternal home just this past February (I blogged about it in January and February)---but you are on an awesome ride of miracles! He is working in you and through you---wow! I cannot help but smile while I think of what joys are ahead for you all.

To answer your question (I have searched for an e-mail address--but finding none, I decided to comment on your family blog. Hope that is okay :)

I did get a card from the cross. Actually, since Aimee and I came in just after Mica started, we sat on the floor "at the cross". A most awesome place to be. It felt especially so when we recieved our communion there. Tears flowed like a river---and Aimee reached over and picked up a card for me and one for her...mine was "ABLE" with the verse in Habakkuk 3:19 "The Sovereign Lord is my strength, he makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to go on the heights."

I felt another nudge in my spirit as I read it....He will enable us to do what He desires for us to accomplish for Him. Though small it may be, all He requires is a willing heart. Thank you Renee for your ministry, your heart and your testimony!

Blogger Joanie Butler said...

Fun, fun, fun! Enjoy the summer with all of your boys and look forward to next summer having to add some "girlie" stuff to the mix.

BTW, I stocked up on the icecream, french fries and cookies too.

Still praying for JJ's test. Let us all know!

Blogger Colleen said...

Hi Renee,
What a glorious adventure. You must be filled with eager anticipation. I pray that your travel and adoption plans go smoothly. I am a nurse and missionary in Ghana and my team is planning to open an orphan care facility to help care for the spiritual as well as physical needs of Gods most precious little ones. Please keep us in prayer as we wade through the oceans of paperwork to be in government compliance. Thank you for your encouraging words and God Bless.

Blogger Christy said...

Hi Renee,
I am not sure if you'll remember me... but not all too long ago I was doing your hair... it's christy tennyson! I was so glad to find your blog... I am receiving the P31 devotions. Well let me just start by saying I will be praying for your adoption, that is so awesome... and I am sure once you get the girl(s) you'll be glad to have some females with you in the house! I must say, I do miss having our conversations and I miss all of your advice you gave me for Eli. I would love to see you, I know you have such a busy schedule... let me know if you ever have a moment. also... if you ever need anything done with your hair... let me know, I am doing a select few of people now because of finances. Even if not, I'd love to chat and do some catchin' up. visit my blog and see Eli, Lilly and Zach...
God Bless you,

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